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Destination: Margarita Island
Language: Spanish
Poblacion: 400.000 people




On the Caribbean Sea, 24 miles from the mainland (Venezuela), just north of Cumaná, in the state of Sucre.

The official language is Spanish. However, English, French and Italian are widely spoken in stores, restaurants and hotels.

The island has a territory of 332 square miles. Margarita is larger than Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire altogether.

The population of Margarita is approximately 400.000 people.

Public Hospitals:
There are more than 30 dispensaries and hospitals totally free of charge and equipment with all the medical supplies to cover any urgency.

Aeropuerto Internacional Santiago Mariño, in El Yaque.


Most domestic and foreign airlines transit the Margarita airport. Avensa, Aeropostal, Laser, Aserca, Lai, Santa Barbara, Aereotuy, Air Venezuela, Air Aruba and charter companies from North America and Europe.

The commercial center of the island is a great place to walk, because it has nice stores, restaurants, street stands and buildings in general. Even though the island is not that big, you will need a mean of transportation to work your way around it. All hotels of 3 or more stars have their own cab companies, as do malls such as the Jumbo, AB, CCM, Central Madeirense and others. There is also a well organized, rather picturesque mini-bus system, but you must know the lines and trails. Another good choice is to rent a car or 4 wheeler to discover Margarita in your own personal way. All nice options, you need only pick the one that best satisfy your needs.

Margarita is a duty free zone, therefore, you won't pay any taxes. To leave the airport to a domestic destination you must pay a fee that ranges between VEB 16.000. International departure tax: USD22.

Documents needed:
You must have a valid passport and airplane ticket to enter the country. You do not need to worry about vaccinations or specific health recommendations, since Venezuela is a country with good health standards.
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