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Caribbean Trip is one of the leading incoming Tour Operator companies in Margarita Island and Los Roques. Caribbean Trip is the biggest Web Tour Operator in Venezuela.

This year we are opening some Caribbean destinations, such as: Cuba, Dominican Republic, Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, Orlando, and Miami; being pioneers in the tourism business by Internet.

Our vast experience operating in this field really makes a difference in the quality of service we offer.

The owner of Caribbean Trip is Igor Viloria with more than 30 years on travel business experience. He has long been recognized as a visionarie and strategic thinker with a hands-on, practical approach to business and strategy.

Caribbean Trip is structured as a multi-level organization handling Groups/Fit's travelers for major wholesaling travel companies on one side, direct clients, and sophisticated corporate meeting and incentives. All the aspects are handled by separated departments within the company, yet the combined resources of these departments allow Caribbean Trip to offer all its clients the most comprehensive range of professional services available in the Caribbean.

Be the fastest, efficient and effective online web tour operator, with the best fares for Caribbean destinations.
With a large number of packages, qualified information, using the top technology in our web sites. And maintain our zero record incidents with credit cards transactions.

Be the biggest Reservations center for Caribbean destinations. Strategic Alliances to obtain the best price on the market.
Easy search tools to obtain and enjoy services you buy, giving to the customers all the activities cultural and others from any Caribbean destination,
satisfying all the tourist expectations.

Having consolidated a strong international network of affiliated people.

The hereunder informations were been overlooked very carefully to guarantee the truth of these ones. However, some dates like fares, itineraries or hotels may be changed without any prior notice, that’s why we can not be compromised for the data we gave as such as an information. This final data will be confirmed once the reservation is made. The inscription in any of our programs means the acceptation to the particular sales conditions.

To confirm bookings in any of the reservations, it will be required to the client a minimum deposit of 20% of the total price of the contracted services.

All reservations already cancelled and payed for, will automatically have an increase of 10% in the amount quoted due to administrative expenses, as mentioned in our paragraph of penalties and annulments.

Cancellation and penalties:
The cancellations are accepted in the case of the customer communicates it by letter to Caribbean Trip Internacional C.A. For ground services, cancellation fees are as follows:
a) In all the cases, when the payment is made by credit card, all the negotiation expenses of this one including taxes, will be applied.
b) All cancellation inquire, out of the free penalty period, penalty one night of accommodation
c) During high season : less than 14 days before the arrival of the customers, the penalty will be the totality of the accommodation or package value, it means 100%
d) During low season : less than 7 days before the arrival of the customers, the penalty will be the totality of the accommodation or package value, it means 100%

All reimbursement petitions must be done, with the claim supports, by the passenger through NCaribbean Trip Internacional C.A. in a term of 30 days maximum after the conclusion of the contracted services.
It will not be refunded any money for voluntarily non used services by the customer.

All cancellation made by decision of the customer, must be notified by fax as soon as possible and the administration fees that this cancellation generates to our company and/or the borrower, will be assumed by the customer.

Check-in and check-out:
In most hotels, the customers check-in time is at 3:00 pm and check-out at 1:00 pm, being accepted by the Travel Agency or by the customer.
Any modification in these hours must be requested by writing, at the moment of the reservation and the authorization will only be given by the hotel and this one may penalize the customer for this.

The customer is the only responsible to have in order his documentation for his travel. The customers must have is valid passport and the requires visas according to chosen itinerary, the non-compliance by the customer of the here before exposed, will cause him loosing the right of any reimbursement and will support the consequences of this omission, also when the authorities of any country, refuses the entrance of the customer.

Any travel interrupted or cancelled and any services not consummated, by decision of the customer, for any reason, must be assumed by him, it means that will not be obliged to return the money.

The customer baggage and his personal effects are his responsibility, that’s why, for no reason will be responsible Caribbean Trip Internacional C.A. or the Operator, for the eventual lost of it.
It will be recommended to the customer to have an insurance for this type of risk.
Itineraries and hotels changes:, for overpowering circumstances like strike, climatic reasons, terrorism actions, unexpected political accidents, accidental case or security, may modify the itinerary and the hotels by other ones, similar in category and comfort.

The referring (indicated) prices in the web pages of Caribbean Trip Internacional C.A., are based on fares in force at the moment when they were elaborated. They are in US Dollars and in some cases in local money. Those prices are subject to change without any prior notice.
They are not including exit taxes in the countries who apply them.

Deposits and pre-payment:
Caribbean Trip Internacional C.A. will not be responsible for reservations or services cancelled for delay or non-payment.

Caribbean Trip Internacional C.A. declares that it acts as an intermediate between customers and services providers.
The people or services providers can not be responsible, in case of damage, accident, delays or any irregularities during the execution of their services to the customers who are traveling even for the baggage and the personal effects, bad whether, political manifestations, war, war rumors.
When the customer travels with any kind of transport : air, ground or by sea – he is subject to the laws of the country he is visiting, and the general conditions of those transport providers, is not responsible in any of these cases.

Customer acceptation:
The customer declares knowing and accepting the above general conditions of the contract between Caribbean Trip Internacional C.A. and himself. This acceptation is ratified through any of the following points:
a) the full payment of the contracted services before the beginning of the journey by any form or modality
b) invoice acceptation for the contracted services
c) the acceptation of the contracted services and budget by e-mail
d) using a portion/part of any of the contracted services

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